Friday, July 10, 2009


What it is: This is a game site. The point of the site is to make friends and help each other match pairs and win more points. The points can be used for a wide range of gifts. It takes a while to get enough points for a gift so hang in there or refer some friends to help speed things up.

How it works: When you sign up using this link you will be credited with 700 000 points. You get 200 spins daily to play with, should you wish to upgrade to a paying membership you will be able to earn points and prizes four times as quick. Its a fun site and you will make a lot of friends etc by playing. I suggest you invite friends to join you and help increase your points quicker. There are a few different games to choose from so pick what you enjoy the most and remember its there for you to have fun, the prizes are a side thing ;)

If you have any questions about Winster please just comment below or contact me. Please sign up using the referral link and help us earn more as well so we can spend more time finding that great sites for you to get Amazon gift cards.

Tips: Invite your friends, when they join you will earn 10 000 points, every bit helps and remember to have fun.

* Anyone around the world can join but certain prizes will only be shipped to the US so get it sent to a friend there.

I just cashed out for a $5 Amazon gift card and received the code right away!

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