Friday, July 10, 2009


What it is: This site is easy to use and get around. You earn points for filling in surveys, reading emails(bonus email as they call it) and also shopping online and signing up to a whole bunch of offers(not all are free). With the points you can choose a prize from a wide range of merchants of your choice. It might take a while to get that prize but its really easy and worth it. 3700 points will get you a $25 Amazon Gift Card(which doesn't expire).

How it works: Once you have signed up and verified your account you can get started. They will send you maybe 1 email a day that if you click on will give you 5 points. If you want to benefit a lot from this place then I suggest you invite your friends, everyone that joins and is active will reward you with 500 points when they hit 500 points. Also on the tor right is an "easy points" button, click it and get started, you can earn a few 100 points with ease through them. They also have a search bar, download the search bar and use it for 1 month and you will be rewarded with 100 points! What are you waiting for? I just started as well so we can race to $25 first ;)

Tips: Invite your friends! Help them to get some free stuff and help you. We could all use those extra gift cards and well this is an easy way to get hold of them. Also do some searches daily through their toolbar, you only need to do say 3/4 a day.

As also comment on this post and vote, we would love to hear from you! We are giving away Amazon Gift Cards to everyone who comments on posts. If you would like to join please provide me with your email address so I can get some points for the referal.

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