Friday, July 10, 2009


What it is: A simple survey site. You will receive an invite in your email whenever they have a survey for you. You will be asked a few basic questions to make sure you qualify and if you do you will proceed to the survey. I have only qualified so far for 3 surveys but thats already $6 for you towards an Amazon gift card. You can cash out when you hit $10. They are introducing an option to be paid through paypal as well so stay tuned.

How it works: Just click on the link they send to you and participate in the survey. Its fun and a great way to be heard and also get that gift card. To join testspin just click this link. As always let me know your thoughts and ideas. Don't be shy to ask for advice and also suggest a new site for us to look into.

I cashed out on $10 for $10 Amazon gift card and received it in my email right away!

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