Friday, July 10, 2009


What it is: This is not a unique site in what it offers but I really enjoy it. The site only offers you 100% free options to sign up to or take surveys etc... The site offers Amazon gift cards, xbox points etc and is 100% free.

How it works: Once you have signed up and created an account you will receive 1 point right away. Every day you log into your account you will receive 1 point so why not log in everyday, it only takes 30 secs. You can also earn points off referrals, this is one of the only sites that will give you 100% points off what your referral earns so take advantage. The main way to earn points is to complete offers and surveys etc.. The offers are always 100% and will NEVER ask for a credit card. There is also a section of "click to win", the way this works is you click on a picture in that section and at the end of the week one lucky player will win some points, there are 3 prizes/week as far as I know.

This site allows one to really enjoy the free stuff and is really easy to get points. Its not a get rich quick site but can for sure help come the festive season and you want to save some $ with gift cards.
Please sign up here to sign up. The prizes are gift cards mainly so keep that in mind. Let me know your thoughts and comments on this site and as always, send me your suggestions for other sites and you could win an Amazon gift card from us.

Tips: Visit the site daily and get your free point. Also, invite your friends to join as you win when they win. Good things shouldn't be kept a secret ;)

* Anyone from around the world can join but not all prizes can be shipped everywhere so please visit the website to have a look.

My Point Count: 75 Points

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