Friday, July 10, 2009

Opinion Place

What it is: This is a simple survey site. All you have to do is create a quick member profile and then select your prize you want. Its really that simple!

How it works: Once you have created your account and selected your prize the site will then search for surveys you can complete. It will tell you the value of your survey and sometimes even allow you to complete a second survey afterwards for more credits. You can't refer a friend and earn extra credit and they don't force you to sign up and take paid offers etc... Its a simple and rewarding survey site.
The prizes are: Amazon gift cards, paid via paypal, aol credits and also AA miles.
To date I have received $10 in Amazon gift cards and waiting for another $7 to come. Once you have completed your survey it will tellyou when you are allowed to visit the site again. You can only visit once in 7 days if youqualify for a survey or after 3 days if you fail to qualify.

Tips: There is no secret to more over here, be honest and come back as often as your allowed and don't try and cheat. They will pick up on a dual account and suspend both accounts. To join just click here and sign up.
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